90 Litre Poly Body Wheelbarrow With Puncture Proof Wheel 150kg Capacity

British garden manufacturer Webb - renowned for its high quality, award-winning garden machinery – has introduced a 90-litre wheelbarrow to its range to make moving garden material around that much easier.  But it’s not just any wheelbarrow: the new Webb wheelbarrow comes with a puncture-proof wheel for all-terrain use and longevity.

The Webb Wheelbarrow, with its spacious 90-litre tub capacity and 150kg load capacity, allow for substantial amounts of material - garden waste, soil, mulch, rocks, or construction materials – to be moved in a single trip, saving time and effort.  What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to handle and manoeuvre thanks to the ergonomic grip handles and that puncture-proof wheel.

Made with a sturdy steel frame and polycarbonate tub, the Webb Wheelbarrow is very durable, as you would expect from a Webb garden product.  It has been designed to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use.

The Webb Wheelbarrow measures 153cm x 60cm x 69cm and has a recommended retail price of £89.99. 

The Webb Wheelbarrow is the latest addition to the Webb range of quality gardening tools and products which offer exceptional performance at an excellent price point.

To discover more on the Webb Wheelbarrow and other Webb products, please go to webbgardenpower.co.uk

Trade Information 

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